How To Get The Best Purple Punch Seeds

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Firstly, know that your purple punch strain is an Indica-dominant strain. So when you think of buying your stuff, look out for best Indica effects in the theme. When browsing strains in a dispensary, the categories mention Indica, Sativa, and hybrid. And when you are passionate about your Indica strain, you want the best effects out of it. 

Excellent outcomes come from the buying of quality Purple Punch Seeds For Sale. Zooming back to Indica features, note that your purple punch seeds pack all the goodness of Cannabis Indica. And, cannabis Indica refers to all the intoxicating varieties found in India and cultivated for fiber, hashish, and the seeds. 

About an Indica strain 

It’s not that all Indica strain put you in the sleep mode. But fans link Indica with full-body effects, like tingling face and heaviness in limbs. Indicas also report help with curing sleeplessness. Besides, you can also experience euphoria and happiness. When buying your cannabis Indica seeds, all you need to look out for is dose, potency, and profile, i.e., terpenes and cannabinoids. 

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What does the purple punch Indica strains hold for you

Purple punch has an impressive lineage in two real blue Indica strains, namely Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG. So expect all the beautiful effects with purple punch cannabis seeds in doubles. Carrying forward its illustrious parents’ legacy, Purple Punch bears the smell of grapes with hints of blueberry muffins and a dash of Kool-Aid. 

As for the effects, trust purple punch to carry all the traits of its ancestors. The Indica family qualities play a loud character here. What you get is a famous night-time buzz. You can go for the stuff after dinner and find yourself in complete relaxation mode. And this is what you need after a tiring day. Calm, relaxed, and serene is how you feel.
For the desired effects, lay your hands on quality seeds from a prominent supplier. The best seeds give you the following.

1 – The indoor yield of 21 ounces per square meter 

2 – The outdoor output of 35 to 70 ounces per plant 

3 – Flowering period 50 t0 60 days indoors and late October in the outdoors. Purple punch marijuana plant sprout leaves that have purple and blue hues. When you have purple punch seeds, the strain includes 

THC 18 to 25% 

CBD 1 % 

Indica 90 % 

Sativa 10 % 

For the final word               

Get your easy-to-grow purple punch strain that grows to average size, flowers fast, and resistant to diseases. Source your seeds from a reputable supplier to get large flower yields dense with intense Indica effects and THC.