Gym Bangarang – a Gym Offering Muay Thai Training and Conventional Fitness Regime in one of Chiang Mai’s Greenery Rich place

Few gyms are located in idyllic surroundings of hills and rice fields. One of such gyms is Gym Bangarang – the gym created its own unique fitness boot camps of Muay Thai martial art and workout regimes targeted to getting in shape and losing weight.

Founded in 2014, Gym Bangarang is the only gym in Chiang Mai that offers Muay Training. As Gym Bangarang is situated in Mae Rim, which is about 25 kilometers from the city, distractions are minimal. Clients are more enabled to focus on the fitness programs that they can choose – whichever fits their fitness goals. The trainers at Gym Bangarang are all certified and selected after being put through a rigorous selection processes – they possess all the traits of efficient fitness trainers and are well built.

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The clients can choose what they’d like to do at Gym Bangarang from the extensive fitness and Muay Thai boot camps – lose weight, up fitness levels or train in Muay Thai and even fight professionally in stadiums in Chiang Mai. Or they can have a novel vacation that’s laidback and decide later if they want to participate in any of the fitness programs available at Gym Bangarang. Gym Bangarang is supported by a staff that’s fluent in English, Thai, and Cantonese, making communication easy. And with highly efficient and prompt customer service, guests at Gym Bangarang are promised with the best care, regardless of their fitness and vacation agenda. Gym Bangarang extends a vacation with a difference and it’s unlike any other.

There is always someone around to see to the guests extra needs at Gym Bangarang which is also a veritable resort – in fact, the owners and trainers of Gym Bangarang, Chris and Nicky live there. So, they are always at the beck and call of their guests. The on-site villas are fully-functional and the guests’ comfort and convenience are paramount. With best-staying facilities and stellar customer service, Gym Bangarang beckons everyone to come and try out their fitness and Muay Thai Boot Camp programs that are world-class.

For Gym Bangarang, customer satisfaction is paramount. Hence they welcome feedback from their customers so that they can better their services.

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