How to Deal With Loose Skin after Weight Loss Surgery

After undergoing successful bariatric surgery in Mexico, one of the consequences is loose skin. The skin is what holds together our body mass and fats and when you gain weight, it will expand to accommodate it.  When you lose weight rapidly as it happens when you undergo weight loss surgery, you will be left with loose skin that has nothing to hold onto. 

The most common places where you’re likely to experience loose skin are the upper arm, buttocks, and abdomen.  The amount of loose skin you end with is dependent on factors such as total weight lost, age, skin health, genetics, smoking habits, and how you have had excess weight.

For most people, loose skin is more of a bother and less of a problem as it affects their self-esteem.  The loose skin can also lead to marginal health problems like chafing, irritation, rashes, bacteria growth, and distress. 

How to avoid excess skin after gastric sleeve

Balanced diet

Consuming a balanced diet is very beneficial in improving skin health in terms of enhancing its elasticity and making it more firm.  A balanced diet that’s full of proteins will help you built lean muscle to help fill out the skin to prevent sagging.  Your diet should also have enough vitamins that are essential for skin health.


Besides eating a balanced diet, exercise is also very beneficial in helping you build and maintain lean muscles which will then fill out your skin more.

Take good care of your skin

Your skin is an organ that should be taken good care of.  You can do so by brushing it with a dry brush to encourage blood circulation which brings good nutrients closer to the skin. Massages also aid in blood circulation. You can also apply firming creams that contain collagen and elastin which will help in firming the skin.

Maintain your weight loss goal post-surgery

It is important to maintain your weight loss goal and avoid any variations in your weight.  Any further variations in your weight will stretch your skin further leading to more loose skin.

Cosmetic surgery

All the methods discussed above will help you avoid loose skin or tighten loose skin after weight loss surgery. In the event that they fail, then cosmetic surgery comes in handy.  This kind of surgery will remove all excess skin in all your problem areas with tummy tucks being the most common. You must wait for your weight to stabilize for several months i.e. 18 months post-surgery so that it’s effective.

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