Pilates & The Reason Behind Exhaustion After Doing Pilates

There are so many exercises and games for kids and young people but Pilates is especially for old people. Pilates has a very good effect on the health of old people. It makes them physically strong and helps them to make their body flexible. However, the old people feel tired after Pilates and here we are going to discuss why they feel so. First, let’s get to know a little bit more about Pilates.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise that was invented by Joseph Pilates to improve overall physical health. His purpose behind inventing this exercise was to improve the overall health of people from their posture to lifestyle. It consists of 34 moments and exercises based on the six original principles: breathing, flow, centering, precision, concentration, and control.

What should be the age to do Pilates?

Pilates is not an age-bound exercise. People of any age group can do it. It is a completely safe exercise for seniors. Many medical professionals have confirmed that Pilates is one of the best methods for seniors to workout and it helps them to stay healthy and in shape.

Is Pilates tiring?

Although there is no doubt that doing Pilates helps you to stay healthy and it is very effective to make your body strong and active. But this is also true that you feel so tired after Pilates as it is a very hard exercise. It focuses on both the core muscles and stabilizer muscles. Stabilizer muscles don’t get directly involved in the movement but they work as supportive muscles for the moving muscles and joints. 

Pilates is more complicated and extreme for elderly people as in general your nervous system becomes unable to move your muscles after a particular amount of time you have spent on doing some other exercises and then when you do Pilates, you try to move your core muscles, which are already pressured as you have done some exercises before and the deeper layer of your muscles that are not usually pressured get pressured into moving and it makes you double tired. Hence it becomes important to do Balance exercises and Pilates for the elderly.

Conclusion: Feeling tired after doing any exercise is totally fine and natural and so after doing Pilates. In that case, it is always good to test your strength by pushing yourself a little more but at a certain level. The same thing you should do in the case of doing Pilates.