Derma Roller for Scalp Hair Growth- Build the Strength of Hair

Hair Fall is quite a common problem nowadays, our stress, lifestyle, work pressure, all are responsible for it. But now it is our responsibility to take out some time and take care of the hair. So, today let’s discuss Derma Roller for Scalp Hair Growth. It is a simple and cost-effective way that can be easily executed at home.

What is Derma Roller For Scalp Hair Growth?

Derma Roller is a small cylindrical tool covered in microneedles that can roll on your scalp. When it is rolled on your scalp, it pricks the skin and creates holes resulting in small injuries. Then scalp retaliates and starts the healing process, this healing process induces hair growth.

How Derma Roller is Effective for Scalp Hair Growth?

When Derma Roller is implemented on the scalp with topicals or oils, It reaches the hair follicles and roller increases the absorption of these products, and its effective properties result in strong hair growth.

Derma Roller provides hair follicles with essential nutrients and enriched oxygen helping in the increased blood flow, cell turnover, and circulation making the hair strong and thick.

Secondly, Derma Roller boosts collagen production. Collagen is a protein that provides structure and supports hair. It stops hair thinning and implements hair growth in the anagen phase (growth stage). Collagen thickens surrounding the hair follicles and makes sure that your new hair grows strong. This will prevent hair fall in the catagen phase(hair shedding) of the hair cycle.

Lastly, follow up the procedure with topicals or oils, as said above Derma Roller become more effective with topicals because it maximizes the effects of these products.

How to Use Derma Roller on Scalp?

1. Clean your derma roller and make it bacteria-free. Sterilize it in the alcohol-based solution

2. Wash your hair with a chemical-free shampoo and wash away the dirt and dead skin cells  gathered in your hair

3. Brush your hair properly with a wide-tooth comb. Disentangle all the knots and make it silky. As Derma roller will work effectively in knot-free hair

4. Start the derma roller treatment by dividing your hair into different sections and roll the device in each section in all the directions- horizontal, vertical, and diagonal

5. Make 4-5 passes in each direction of the hair growth so that there is sufficient penetration through the scalp.

6. After the whole procedure apply the oils or topicals for increased absorption

Best Derma Roller for scalp hair growth

Gin Amber Beauty Derma 0.75mm Derma Roller– It is excellent in stimulating hair growth and preventing hair loss. 

Also, you need to have patience in seeing the difference, it will take at least 8-10 weeks to show the desired results so, don’t worry about that. Just use it regularly.

Thus through Derma Roller though people are aware of its effective usage on the skin but it can even do wonders to your hair by making it strong and causing hair growth. You should do derma rolling on your scalp once a week.