Questions to Ask Your Vein Doctor

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As a top vein center in Utah, we receive thousands of questions from our patients each year. While your cosmetic concerns and medical condition are unique to you, here are common questions that many patients ask and may be helpful as you explore your treatment options.

What is the exact condition?

Vein problems are likely to fall into two categories; varicose veins and spider veins. Spider veins are small (under 1mm) while varicose veins are larger (over 3mm). Not only do they look different in size, shape, and color, but they also cause different symptoms. Here at our clinic in Salt Lake City we treat all . Spider veins tend to sting while varicose veins ache and swell. Our vein doctor will be able to diagnose your case.Once you have a clear understanding of what’s actually going on within your veins, you and our vein specialist can determine the best action plan.

What are the reasons for my symptoms?

Whether it’s the bulging varicose veins or the web like spider veins, it’s important to understand the reason for this happening. It could be due to genetics, pregnancy, weight, lack of physical activity, aging, or even restrictive clothing. With the correct vein information, your vein doctor can take you through the various treatments.

What are the chances of having linked conditions?

Varicose veins and spider veins may be linked to saphenous vein reflux or deep vein thrombosis. The latter is caused when a blood clot forms in a large vein, usually in the legs. Saphenous vein reflux affects the blood circulation, with varicose veins being a symptom. Asking the doctor about these issues is crucial too. Call or come into our clinic today in Salt Lake City.

What are the risks with/without treatment?

Not all varicose and spider vein problems require treatment. However, a large number of cases will (if left untreated) cause mobility problems and reduce your quality of life. In most cases, surgery isn’t complicated while local anesthesia is the only medicine required. Still, it’s best to understand the full scenario to make an informed decision.

What results should I expect?

Whatever treatment is offered, it’s vital that your expectations are fair and appropriate. Knowing what to expect, including recovery times and any side effects, should be on the agenda before going ahead with any possible treatment.

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