Sun protection to avoid skin spots

In previous articles, we’ve shared several tips to follow to avoid spots on your skin; today we will talk specifically about sun protection to avoid said spots.

Why should you protect your skin from the sun’s rays?  Simple, to avoid spots on your skin.

Protecting yourself from the sun should be considered a vital key to keep your skin healthy, and using sunscreen as part of your daily routine is essential. The sun provides us with vitamin D, therefore, we need sunlight. It is evident that we cannot hide from the sun since our body needs it, however, we can enjoy the sunlight with restraint and a good protector.

You should also have in mind that our faces skin is frequently exposed to UV rays for several hours at a time. The overexposure to UV rays is the main cause of premature skin aging. For this reason, our face should always be protected with a sunscreen.

How can you protect yourself from the sun and avoid spots on your face?

Several day lotions contain a sun protection factor, usually an SPF of 15, we at Conffianz have a moisturizing cream with 30 SPF.

You should always apply products that contain SPF at the end of your daily facial morning routine.

How to pick the correct sunscreen products to avoid spots on your skin?

There’s several factors to take into account to avoid sun spots on your skin:

1-Span and level of sun exposure, of course, this will depend on your location or season of the year.

2-If you have any type of skin problem.

3-The lighter your skin, the more susceptible you are to the damages of UV rays.

We know that with the hectic lifestyle you have, you tend to leave aside your skincare, but you can handle trying to include a new habit that will protect you. Adapt your facial routine to your skin type, lifestyle, that’ll avoid spots appearing on your skin. It is essential, and believe us, you’ll see results if you’re disciplined in its daily use.

Remember that Conffianz manages a product line dedicated to latin women. The Lotion for Skin Spots Conffianz is the strongest product available without prescription. Most of the times, results are notable in only a few weeks of usage.