The advantages of occupational therapy

Occupational therapy is the treatment of physical, psychological, and psychiatric conditions through meaningful activities to help the client live their life in the full potential of function and independence in their life.


Persons receiving care and treatment from hospitals can refer to a doctor and personnel. You need to refer to a service provider for this, and this service is excellently provided by MyNurz.

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Benefits from Occupational therapy:

Occupational therapy (terapi okupasi, which is the term in indonesian) can help people of all ages, whether they are old or children. It helps people to live a healthier life, be more productive and more satisfying. Occupational therapy can be more beneficial for the adults so that they can live their life with more independence. An occupational therapist can help seniors by:


  • Improving physical conditioning:


In seniors and older adults, it helps them with osteoarthritis and muscular degeneration.


  • Encouraging exercises:


For people over 80 years of age, encouraging exercises will increase mobility, strength among them, and there will be a low risk of injury.


  • Creating a health plan:


Creating an effective health plan will reduce the risk of depression and increase involvement among society.


Occupational therapy services include:

Occupational therapy includes various services about how to live your life and do a daily basis task.

  • To pursue daily basis activities. Older people due to aging become weaker day by day, and so they face difficulties in doing daily basis task. So for them to do basic physical needs such as eating, the ability to move, caring for personal objects.
  • Productivity at work:

To help increase their efficiency of productivity at work. Occupational therapy is been provided to help patients undergo activities at work.

  • Leisure time:

To pursue activities during leisure time. Occupational therapy is provided so that the people trying to find joy and entertainment in their leisure time may find it by carrying out activities.