Various Uses of Tianeptine Capsules

Tianeptine is a medicine or drug used to treat depression and anxiety attacks. It is highly used to treat depression as it has shown some fantastic results. However, tianeptine capsules are very addictive and can lead to overdose who have a history related to addiction. Tianeptine has also been used to regulate asthma and irritating bowel syndrome.

This drug is not available around the world; you can find it on continents like Europe, Asia, and in some countries of South America. It is banned in some countries due to abuse and addiction. There are many effects of tianeptine capsule on our body. Some of them are motivation enhancement, anxiety suppression, increase in focus, and many more.

It was discovered in the 1960s by French society that there are numerous brand names for this like Stablon, coaxil, salymbra, and many more. There is still no perfect explanation of how tianeptine works. Experts have listed the theory of mechanisms explaining the work of the medicine, but there is no exact answer which tells us how this drug works.

As we discussed what tianeptine capsule is, Let’s talk what are various uses of thesecapsules:-

  • Depression: – The prime aim of the tianeptine capsules to treat depression. Extended treatment with tianeptine can decrease the incidence of recurrence of depression. People treated with Parkinson’s disease (PD) with these capsules give promising results, reduce the severity of depression, and leading them towards a quality life. This drug can also be used for depressed patients like elders or anyone with chronic alcoholism. 
  • Anxiety and Stress: – Trials prove that tianeptine improves anxiety symptoms. Tests also show this medicine can treat panic disorder patients. A study held on rats shows that tianeptine is effective in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); it allows increased respiration and prevents morphine-induced respiratory diseases. Tianeptine can also increase the memory because of its memory protective characteristics. In a nutshell, numerous studies prove the fact that this drug is effective in treating anxiety attacks and panic attacks.
  • Asthma Symptoms: – When a person is suffering from an asthma attack, the serotonin flows in the blood freely. This serotonin is the main reason leading to an asthma attack. Tianeptine decreases the flow of serotonin in the blood by enhancing the platelets and serotonergic brain cells. In a clinical test, people treated with tianeptine drugs led to the disappearance of the asthma attack.   
  • Bowel Syndromes: – Serotonin plays a vital role in our nervous system. An increase in serotonin leads to a movement that leads to pain and bloating and diarrhea in patients, which can ultimately lead to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). As discussed, this drug leads to a decrease in serotonergic activities. So, it can be used to treat Irritable Bowel syndromes.

This drug is used to treat several diseases and syndromes. These tianeptine capsules can be found in Asia, Europe, and South America as well. As useful it sounds, these drugs can be dangerous for people who have a history with addiction as they are highly addictive, so use it wisely.   

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