What Are the Essential Pieces of Yoga Clothing For Women?

When Danielle and Emily attended their first yoga class they were told that the most important thing to remember when choosing your yoga wear is that it must be comfortable and allow you to move freely. Yoga movements require you to move fluidly from one position to the next. If you have to stop in between every pose and adjust you’re clothing you’ll just keep breaking your concentration and you won’t get the full benefits of the whole yoga experience.

Danielle feels more comfortable wearing loose clothing and that’s fine. But she’ll have problems if her clothing is too loose. Baggy T-shirts can flip over your head and baggy sweatpants can slide right down and your classmates will learn a lot more about you than you really wanted them to know.

Emily, on the other hand, prefers clothing that’s tight but they can also present problems. Clothing that binds and chafes with each little bend and stretch will have you constantly tugging and pulling at your clothes. Clothing that’s too tight will restrict your movements and you could actually end up hurting yourself if you can’t move freely. Not to mention the possibility of ripped seams at the most inopportune moments.

Synthetic fabrics are another bad choice because they don’t absorb moisture and they don’t allow your body to breathe. Cotton is the best choice for comfort and durability and spandex or lycra will give your clothes some stretch.

You can really wear anything you want to to yoga class but what are the essential pieces of yoga clothing for women that Danielle and Emily should look for?

• Shoes – Some people prefer to be barefoot but if you decide you want to wear shoes, look for shoes specifically made for yoga. It’s important that you be able to feel the floor and maintain your balance as you’re holding different poses.

• Pants – Today’s yoga pants are really very cute. Look for roll-down or fold-down yoga pants in a variety of colors, styles and fabrics.

• Sports Bras – If you have a larger bust size you might want to consider a sports bra for extra support during your workout. You won’t need anything as stiff and binding as you would for an aerobics class so look more for comfort and proper fit.

• Shirts – Again, your main concern with yoga clothes is comfort but as far as style is concerned, anything goes. Shop online for the best selection of stylish yoga apparel at a reliable website.