What Does It Mean To Maintain A Healthy Life?

Nowadays it is customary to live routines of rush due to work, housework, bills to pay and life in the big city. Tiredness is the rule, and that is why we end up leaving aside essential aspects of our physical and mental health. Yes, maintaining a healthy life also includes taking care of mental health!

Quality of life is a term widely used. Its meaning is precisely that: the union between physical health, mental health, and social relationships, with ourselves and the world around us. Most of the time, your current routine can be adapted to include healthy habits every day without too many difficulties. Some tips to stay healthy (วิธี ดูแล สุขภาพ which is the term in Thai) include:


Everyone needs to exercise, and you already know that. The ideal is a fixed activity, such as weight training or a sport, but if you can’t do it every day, that’s fine.

Try it:

  • Going up and down stairs instead of taking the elevator;
  • Do some activities on foot instead of using the car;
  • Carrying groceries in hand instead of picking up the shopping cart and other such activities.  

If you choose a sport or activity at the gym, remember to follow the instructors’ guidelines. Always see a doctor before starting any physical activity to assess your health and make sure everything is fine.

Move Through The Day

In addition to physical exercise, it is essential to move around during the day, at home, or at work. Take breaks and get up from your chair, walk around the office and do some stretching. These breaks are suitable for the body and mind as they also help to organize thoughts.

Take advantage of the weekends to keep moving, even if it’s lighter. Choose a closet to store or a room to decorate. Keeping up a hobby like riding a bike or walking in the park is also great practice. These activities can be done with family and friends, helping to maintain a healthy life and improve their quality of life.