Controlled Puncturing Using A Derma Roller Improves Absorption of Nutrients For Hair Loss Cure

Derma rolling is a new and effective technique to provide treatment for hair loss. Controlled puncturing of the skin on your scalp using a minimally invasive procedure improves absorption of essential nutrients and helps to grow your natural hair and look young and energetic.

You can make use of the provenderma roller 1.25 mmfor your hair loss cure at home. This instrument gained wide acceptance worldwide because of its effectiveness in improving the absorption of nutrients like minoxidil and treating hair loss or thinning of hair. You can perform derma rolling at home without the need for training. The detailed information given below helps people like you perform micro-needling using a 1.25 mm derma roller.

Where to buy a derma roller?

Several reputed online stores are offering high-quality derma rollers at reduced rates. The derma roller 1.25 consists of 192 microneedles, which are manufactured using surgical stainless steel. It comes with a high grip handle. You can place an order using a debit or credit card. The online store ships the derma roller in a hermetically sealed package for immediate use.

You can purchase a derma roller 0.25 mm for the treatment of acne scars, blemishes, and black spots on your skin. It also reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It is less invasive compared to higher needle length derma rollers.

How to use the Gin Amber Derma Roller?

You need to disinfect the derma roller 0.25 or 1.25 mm before deciding to do micro-needling on your skin for scars treatment or on the scalp to promote hair growth. You need to wash your skin and scalp using a gentle cleanser and apply a numbing cream.

To eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots on your skin, you can apply derma rolling using a 0.25 mm derma roller in horizontal, vertical, and diagonal directions. You need to perform micro needling 10 times in each direction. You need to wash the skin after derma rolling treatment. You can repeat this process two times a week for the best results.

To treat hair loss and grow natural hair on your scalp, you can perform derma rolling using a 1.25 mm derma roller. It is advised to conduct micro-needling in diagonal, horizontal, and vertical directions for 10 minutes in each direction. You may observe minor bleeding and redness on your skin. You need to clean the scalp and apply antibacterial cream to prevent infections.

You can apply minoxidil on your scalp a day after derma rolling. Your scalp quickly absorbs nutrients and promotes hair growth quickly. Hair growth can be witnessed after 5 to 6 weeks of using micro-needling and applying the nutrients. Those who fear using the 1.5 mm derma roller, can seek the help of a certified dermatologist to perform micro-needling. 

You are advised to avoid exposure to sunlight for weeks after micro-needling for the best results. It is suggested not to share the instrument with others.

You also can include foods rich in Vitamin C to improve the formation of collagen and heal acne scars. Foods rich in Vitamin A helps to eliminate wrinkles. Therefore, it is suggested to include kale, lemons, and sweet potatoes in your daily diet to maintain healthy and blemish-free skin.